Everyone Faces  Failure but it can be resolved by  taking some points into consideration 

1.Lower your optimism : Generally people become more optimistic and judge their own future which give them temporary boost that they have nailed it but the future may be  they have failed in their respective tasks .
 2. don’t underestimate : when every thing is going well then it arises within us the confidence , but it take a worse shape when it becomes over -confidence .you start to underestimate the  easy or not so important aspect of your respective field But it get lethal when result strikes and you fail in that particular subject which you underestimated and this spoils your entire result .. that’s why every aspect should be given importance irrespective of its easy or hard not just that we should also start taking interest in that subject Because ” result lacks because interest lacks “
3. Belief in yourself : And finally all it takes to overcome all problem  is belief ,This word carry a lot of power which transform failure into future inspiration and in the end you taste the success which you never hard .