Sorry I Trusted you 
it was my fault 
but it doesn't matter anymore 
I've moved Forward in Life

Don't you look back at me 
cause I've been long waiting 
and my knees are hurting 
but you didn't care and came 

And now the scene is 
your absence don't matter 
and nor your presence 
and all that remains is ashes of yours 

Yes sometime I remember our love story
It feels warm but now am hurt so bad 
that I cant even feel my own heart beats
And sometime its feels like I don't even exist

All thanks to you , you are graving my soul
and painting it with tears and curse of yours 
and making me wake up from my grave to reality 
of love , pain and war where am lost by you 

* For those who loved and didn't got anything except for hatred and pain 

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