hello , well guys , i was planning to write a play from long time , and i guess , i should write one , i’ve written the theme and characters , its basically a love triangle and friendship , and how life can bend us to situation where we have to make compromises , all that jazz , lets see where am heading , very enthusiastic about this venture , and will like to share the play with you , when its right time lets see, and i know i don’t do this kind of B-log , sharing my daily experience ,but i think , the face am going through is must share , apart from play  writing and my summer vacations , i’ve been struggling with my career ( I am a high school student ) , and am little hurt with things not going accordingly , well i must not go into deep but i think i will figure it out , as we always do !!

  • thanks for helding your nerves and hearing me out , guys , you all have been a great source of inspiration ,  that i will carry in the course of my life thanks again !!!